The Venus Factor Review – Shocking Review – Must Read

The Venus Factor Review – Shocking Review – Must Read

The Venus FactorLet‘s face it — with summer around the corner and bikini season now officially in range, you’d try almost anything to drop the last few pounds of your winter weight. But between busy work schedules and making time for family and friends, two hours at the gym plus an hour of cooking healthy meals every day isn’t always possible. And those “magic pills” promising you it’s possible to lose forty pounds in two weeks without having to lift a finger? Get real.

Like you, I wanted genuine, lasting results from a dieting and workout solution that would boost what I’m already doing, keep me healthy, and expedite my results. I was ready to try something different, since my current routine clearly wasn’t working.

The Venus Factor System

I stumbled upon a few reviews of “The Venus Factor,” famed nutritionist John Barban’s twelve-week metabolic recalibration designed specifically for women. I like that The Venus Factor focuses on both diet and exercise — in addition to workout DVDs that I could do in the comfort and privacy of my own living room, there’s also a booklet on nutrition that focuses less on deprivation and more on choosing foods to energize your body. I decided to give it a try.

Upon signing up, I was granted access to an aspect of the program that really encouraged me to stick with it — membership to a whole community of women who were also a part of The Venus Factor. We could exchange tips, recipes, workout routines, and tell each other what to expect week by week on the program.

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The support was invaluable, and I didn’t have to go to an embarrassing meeting to get it. You also have the option to add one-on-one coaching with John himself, who will help you to create an even more specialized plan.

The science behind the plan is especially impressive, and again, just one of the many factors as to why it was such a success for me. We all know that as we age, our metabolism slows down and it can become harder to lose and to keep off weight. The reason why we notice such a change has a lot to do with our bodies’ production of the hormone Leptin, which helps us to burn fat.

As we age, our bodies don’t produce as much Leptin, so instead of burning fat, we store it — leading to weight gain. John’s goal with The Venus Factor is to stimulate the production of Leptin in twelve weeks through what he refers to as the Metabolic Override (MOR.)

The MOR is designed to keep your body’s metabolism on its toes — you consume a different number of calories per day, from a variety of food groups. Thanks to the inclusion of a Virtual Nutritionist, it’s easy to keep track of what you should be eating when — like an online food diary you don’t have to plan yourself. And don’t plan on feeling hungry.

As you advance in the program, your metabolism will re-adjust and you’ll actually eat more (while still losing weight.) Think of the diet as a way to reveal the natural muscles and toned form that’s underneath fat: I liked that I didn’t look overly ripped or muscular — I looked effortlessly gorgeous. Oh, and if you’re extra-focused on one area of your body, you can add on specific workout modules that will tighten arms, legs, buttocks — you name it, John has a plan for it.

You get a lot when you sign up with The Venus Factor. The “Essential Fat Loss Diet Guide” is way more than just a glorified cookbook. I appreciate that John explains the benefits of each food in the guide, so I didn’t feel like I was just blindly eating calories.

It was pretty shocking to discover that I’d been eating foods for so long that were directly contributing to the reversal of my Leptin production (things like sugar, soy, even so-called “health” bars.) But I felt better knowing that on The Venus Factor, I’m eating foods that power my workout, energize me throughout the day, and help to re-balance my diet, without feeling like I’m starving myself.

The Venus Factor

John was quick to emphasize that if you deprive yourself of food, you’ll wreck your entire metabolism and gain back all the weight you lost from fasting, and then some. On his plan, I always felt full and focused.

The twelve-week workout program was great not only because I could take it anywhere, but also because I felt like I was getting results that would last without pushing myself into injuries that could set my progress back by months. Plus, since the workouts are aimed to burn off the excess fat and reboot your metabolism, I developed a classic, hourglass figure as opposed to a bulky, uneven gym rat body.

With the Virtual Nutritionist Software Application, I got the results of a personal trainer and diet coach without having to shell out big bucks for someone who would just put me on their program. With the Venus Factor, I had a plan that was tailored specifically to me and my needs — and I got major results. My own virtual food diary made keeping track of my calories, and my progress from week to week, easy.

The Venus Index Podcast was great for keeping me motivated — in addition to my membership in The Venus Community. I felt like I had people on my side who understood exactly what I was aiming for — and who wanted to help me to achieve my goals. Anytime I felt like giving up, a quick log in to the support forum or a plug in to the podcast totally re-energized me. Plus, it made everything feel like fun.

Since everyone’s body and metabolism are different, it’s tough to say across the board what your results will be. But certainly, you’ll not only feel healthier and more energized, you’ll also see physical changes to your body as the excess fat gets shaved off through both diet and exercise. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my new shape, not to mention the confidence The Venus Factor has instilled in me. I’m so glad I gave it a try.

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